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howard.jpgsylvia.jpgbobby.jpgclaire.jpgeleanor.jpg Welcome, Cincinnatians, to Connect Our Dots, a new blog offering diverse discussion about why all of us should support the proposed Cincinnati streetcar plan.  The five of us all live in or near Cincinnati, all work, live or play near the proposed streetcar route, and all think it would be an incredible addition to our region.

Howard, the creator of the site, is a lawyer downtown and lives in Hyde Park with his family. Sylvia lives in Covington (yes, in Kentucky) and owns a fair-trade coffee shop. Bobby is a UC business student who works at Howard’s company downtown. Claire lives near Findlay Market and works at a non-profit where Howard and Sylvia volunteer. Eleanor, the matriarch of our bunch (and the only one of us who remembers the streetcars that used to run all around Cincinnati!), is Bobby’s grandmother.

We’re a motley group, we know. But we represent the broad cross-section of this great city who want to see it get even better. We know that a streetcar (and hopefully more public transportation) is not only good for us personally, but helps our neighborhoods, our economy and even the environment. We hope you’ll join with us in this discussion about the streetcar and how to make Cincinnati an even better place to live.



[DISCLAIMER: The personalities authoring this blog are fictional characters, but represent a diverse range of perspectives on the Cincinnati streetcar plan. This is an experimental blog created for the exploration of the ideas that surround public transportation, economic development and urban sustainability.]


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